Why choose us?

"The work we do for you and with you is fundamental to the company, and we will put all the time necessary for our collaboration to reach the set goals. We work with you and for you once we get the first results, trying to constantly improve them."


Today a good product or excellent service is no longer a guarantee of success; It is necessary to analyze contexts and targeting targets, to plan strategies, to integrate them, and to create communication tools capable of expressing the identity of Clients and their products / services.


We inform you about the certifications you need to transport and sell your products in the chosen countries, so that you do not have any bad surprises at customs and risk losing the goods. In addition, if you want, we will assist you in the certification of your Made in Italy products.


ISC srls (Inc.), in partnership with specialized companies, covers all the needs of organizing congresses, conferences, inaugurations, public and private events, launching new products, exhibition stands, even abroad. A single referent for a well-kept event.

We work together for your business