Consultancy and services for the export of food and wine products

The international market is an extremely receptive and attentive Italian food market. The difficulties of small and medium Italian companies are often linked to limited knowledge of international distribution structures. ISC supports the Italian food producer by supporting it in the search for distributors / importers. Our consultants identify for you the customers, distributors and merchants that are ideal for your product on the international market. In this way your company can directly develop the relationship with identified customers. Our consultants select your trading counterparts and assist your company during the process of finalizing the trade agreements. During the meetings between your company and business partners, the basis for long-term collaboration is set.

Our business managers will follow your company by covering the functions of:

  • Identify distributors and customers
  • Open contacts between your company and distributors
  • Support you during the acquisition of distributors
  • Offer you advice on the long-term management
    of the market
Firms already on the market need to stabilize their presence. ISC supports market management through marketing and promotion support, we deal with:

  • organization of events
  • Sales promotion and tastings
  • Sales support
The commercial promotion of the products of our land represents for us one of the most fascinating challenges because it means not only promoting the products, but above all a lifestyle and thought

Consulting                                                                        Services

How many times have you said:"I would like to sell abroad" or "Abroad I should do more?"
The problem is, of course, that having effective and satisfactory relationships with companies operating in other countries is not easy or straightforward, indeed the failures are unfortunately on the agenda, and when they happen they are often ruined.
Having success in an international context depends not only on language skills or product preparation, but on a number of factors that are not always well-known and adequately evaluated, among which there is certainly the capacity for cultural understanding of the interviewee and The application of remarkable experience in the various scenarios possible.
Our business is designed to help businesses in approaching international markets through the many tools we have, without providing preconfigured answers but tailor-made solutions based on the real need of the customer so that internationalization projects become An added value that reduces the risks and increases the competitiveness.

We turn to the sports companies who want to structure, or restructure, the agonistic activities of their youth sector with the aim of consolidating their presence on the territory of reference. A support that can only be limited to targeted counseling on corporate organization and possible strategies. To companies and not to organize sporting events or corporate tournaments. Companies wishing to expand their services to their athletes and executives (image rights, sport course management, etc.). We can organize pre-league retreats and sponsorships.

The Italian political scenario has long been used by professional figures specializing in political communication and marketing. The management of the candidate's political image and campaign can not be entrusted to the case, but requires careful strategic planning. ISC helps the candidate in the planning, management and support of political and electoral communication campaigns in order to create and strengthen the electorate's consent.

Want to promote your business and make it enjoy the visibility it deserves. Want to find new customers and retire those you've acquired. Where to start?
From a professional, friendly, effective website.

We offer solutions and design with graphics matching the company target. We are tracking the customer from the development of the website to the first search engine pages, to ensure online success for his business.

We make brochures and brochures. We create effective products to renew the corporate image and reach a wider audience.

Training supports different aspects of business life:

- To face the new challenges, such as research and development of products and services, the opening up of international markets and the acquisition of new customers, or even the obtaining of certain certifications;

- In managing the change, Linked to the introduction of new technologies;

- In governing corporate reorganization actions, Useful for redesign roles and functions in a more efficient and efficient way, optimizing business processes.